Brahma Mandir, Near Brahma Mandir Chowk

Amin Road Kurukshetra,

Haryana, IN

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Hawan Yagya


Onkar Mahayagya is one of the bestest and most pious karma which helps in reaching out to the formless spirit-less lord of lords Shri Onkar Bhagwan.

Lord Brahma too before initiating the process of creation of earth had initiated the Onkar Mahayagya.

Onkar Mahayagya empowers with true wealth of satisfaction and contentment, anyone who selflessly participates in the Mahayagya is always blessed and all his desires and wishes are duly met. Taking a round about of the Onkar Mahayagya Mandap with all sincerity and faith benefits with the results of being to all pilgrimages.


Any individual participating in the Onkar Aarti or even witnessesing the rituals with faith and devotion is blessed with brains, health, confidence and all his generations yet to come are benefited with good health and safety.

The yagya of Onkar Bhagwan done by reciting Jai Gurudev jai Onkar Mahamantra is the most supreme prayer of Lord Onkara.